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details at: http://antdgar.com/finalfantasyvii/ff7superdunkminigame/ i wonderhow long .

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However, even the most ardent of Final Fantasy VII enthusiasts must ..... Oh hey, isn't this the exact location where Shinra attempted to create super ...... I know the answer to all of these questions...it's because that's how the script is written. ...... saucer from playing Super Dunk instead of the dumb snowboarding game.

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Super Dunk takes a while to master, but if/when you do, it is a great way to earn GP. ... Here's a cool trick from the Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Guide By Versus .

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For Final Fantasy VII on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Gold Saucer Easy GP Super Dunk. ... Hi everyone, so I made a quick little macro script that will farm you all the way up to max GP while you're away .

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Square Enix Rereleased Final Fantasy 7 recently and it has a lot of ... I found toget it is playing .

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But I found out how to get the scripts work with the program. I had to click .... l:: OutputDebug, `n`n`n`n AutoHotkey for FF7 Super Dunk invoked.

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is a location in Final Fantasy VII, and part of the Gold Saucer. It houses a number of .... referred to as Super Dunk on the machine, has the player hold. Circle.

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I'm really really awful at the super dunk game at the golden saucer and I was wondering if anyone had made/would share a script with me that .

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... by the name of Final Fantasy 7 (It's a real copy, and not the Ultima version if that makes a difference) that has minigame called Super Dunk.

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