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Lao Name Origin : The origin of the name Lao is Spanish baby names. Meaning Of Lao : Lao name meaning is a short form of Stanislaus. In addition to these .

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Lao Name Meaning. Chinese : a Cantonese form of Liu 1. Chinese : probably from the name of Lao Mountain in Shandong province, adopted as a surname most likely during the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc). Chinese : a Cantonese form of Liu 3.

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... yet unnamed, so I've given some thought to the names Lao people have. ... I'm quite certain that's not a Lao name, but some strange quasiEnglish name. ... Hi, I' m Lao and my name's an offshoot of Nok (meaning bird).

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Origin and Meaning. Vong(sa) [wóŋ], Phong(sa) [pʰóŋ] ວົງ, ພົງ ວົງສ໌, ພົງສ໌ Sanskrit, royal lineage or family, hence this component is a staple in many Lao surnames.

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[ 1 syll. lao, lao ] The baby boy name Lao is pronounced LAW †. Lao's language of origin is Slavonic and it is used largely in the Spanish language. Lao is a form  .

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Combination of Lao ສຸວັນ (suvan) possibly meaning gold, derived from ສຸວັນນະ (suvanna) (see Khmer Sovanna) and ຄຳ (kham) meaning golden, .

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